Wizards, Elves, Hobbits and Tolkien

Wizards, Elves, Hobbits and Tolkien

Explanation for the need of new lyrics for two songs on "There Lived A Hobbit"

by Alice Valantine Beckstrom on 03/04/13

When I started this project (A musical interpretation of The Hobbit), my goal was to use all my own music and lyrics.  I definitely did not want to go through all the legal wranglings that were necessary with my first album, The Lord of the Rings - A Choral Symphony, (a musical treatment of Howard Shore's LOTR score.)  However, I thought that for two of the songs (The King Beneath the Mountains and Roads Go Ever Ever On) I would use Tolkien's own, charming text. 

I researched who I thought had the copyright and sent off a request to use the text.  Months went by, I completed my score, recorded, edited it and then I released my album.  Then, after a long period of time, I got a letter stating that the publisher no longer had the copyright, but the Tolkien Estate did... knowing their reputation for denying any and all requests to use Tolkien's work... my heart sank. 

I carefully worded a request to them, and sure enough, in return got the denial letter...

And so, I have now rewritten The King Beneath the Mountains and Roads Go Ever Ever On with my own lyrics. I have also recorded them and will release them at a future date. And, truth be said, I quite like my own lyrics and look forward to sharing them with everyone...

#12 Roads Go Ever Ever On (from the album: There Lived A Hobbit)

by Alice Valantine Beckstrom on 03/03/13

The final song on my album is #12 Roads Go Ever Ever On.  This theme for Hobbits (heard in "There Lived a Hobbit" and "Riddles In The Dark") is now heard for the final time.  I changed some of the instrumentation and have Bilbo and Gandalf sing a summation of Bilbo's grand adventure... Bilbo's journey has reached its happy and safe conclusion. In the words of Gandalf: "My dear Bilbo! Something is the matter with you! You are not the hobbit that you were."

And so, I find that after being re-immersed in Middle-earth through music and story, I too, am not the person that I once was...

#11 Yomenio Fanyar (from the album: There Lived A Hobbit)

by Alice Valantine Beckstrom on 03/02/13

No story of The Hobbit would be complete without referencing Smaug and the Battle of Five Armies.  To address these topics, I looked to the elves for inspiration.  I decided to have Galadriel use her foresight to predict and warn the people of Lake-town of the coming attack of Smaug.  She sees the great destruction that Smaug will bring and also hints at the means to destroy him.  As she ends, she has a final warning for ALL the races... she sees the gathering of the clouds, portending a great war. (See my page for the Elvish lyrics and English translation)

I used the same melody as song #8 "Lake-town", but this time used bassoons to set a more doleful mood.

Coming next: #12 Roads Go Ever Ever On

At The Hobbit Oscar Party- Green Screen Photo Booth

by Alice Valantine Beckstrom on 03/01/13

One of the fun activities was the photo booth at TheOneRing.net's Oscar party.  They had four scenes to choose from along with various props and wigs.  My choice?  To go on an adventure!

New news to report

by Alice Valantine Beckstrom on 02/28/13

I definitely have plenty of blog subjects to keep me busy for the next several days!  I need to:
1. finish my explanation of the songs on my CD "There Lived A Hobbit"
2. tell ALL about my experience of attending The Hobbit Oscar party
3. share about my new experiences in Pinterest and Tumblr to assist me in posting MY OWN photos on my blog! If I've done it correctly, below is my first try at attaching my own photo...

Signing Thorin's Contract for a Burglar (Bilbo's signature is just to the left of mine.)

Katy Chamber Chorus: Lord of the Rings - A Choral Symphony